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Web3 Business Development: Learnings from the Frontline

rypto brings a huge promise of new coordination methods and better ways to scale collaboration. But at the same time, builders in this space need to navigate a wild jungle of nascent decision making structures in order to create collaborations, develop partnerships and drive adoption of their products. In this panel, we will discuss what builders and business developers should consider when looking to launch and grow their business, and talk about the unique challenges & opportunities web3 biz dev posses

Lior Goldenberg
Head of Platform
Chen Magen
BizDev Lead
Elad Mor
Founder & CEO
Liat Aaronson
Co founder
Sidsel Løschenkohl
From SaaS to protocol; the journey of The Graph

"The Graph is one of the most successful infastructure products in the web3 ecosystem. The Graph started as a 'centralized' solution focused on product market fit and capturing the market. Then, the team did pulled off one of the most successful decentralization efforts, with the launch of the graph ecosystem. Eva Baylin will talk about this journey, the hard choices along the way, the mistakes, and the building of a successful ecosystem

Eva Beylin
Foundation Director
The security stack of Web3

As Web3 continues to rise in popularity, the security of these new and innovative products remain challenged as a consistent stream of hackers are ever ready to find a way in. Join this session to hear from the industry’s leading experts on why should you approach security as part of product building, and how an effective security strategy can safeguard your customers' funds and your business in the long run.

Omer Greisman
Head of security services
Shira Brezis
Co Founder & CEO
Tal Be'ery
CTO, co-founder
Oliver Hörr
Director of Ops
Or Dadosh
Product Building: Finding Your Product-Market Fit

Fireblocks is an Israeli tech centaur valued at $8.8b. The company experienced explosive growth during the last crypto winter and has managed to sustain its growth in spite of current market conditions. At the core, product-market fit was (and still is) crucial to Fireblocks’ success. Join this fireside chat to hear from Fireblocks CTO & Co-Founder, Idan Ofrat, on how the company was founded, what the platform solves for, and the tech challenges he faced in the process of building Fireblocks.

Idan Ofrat
Co-founder & CTO
Ran Goldi
Building an ecosystem for web3 developers

Maintaining strong developer relationships is critical to the success of crypto projects. In this session, leaders from some of the top developer ecosystems share insights from their journey. Expect to walk away from the session with tools and ideas for how you can build and maintain a sustainable developer ecosystem.

Royi Benyossef
Investment Director
Francesco Andre
David Mihal
Tal Tchwella
Marketing and Growth in Web3

Web3 is experiencing an influx of both startups and multinational corporates trying to expand into the space. As Web3 is nascent, the range of products being built is diverse, and Marketers are challenged with measuring the effectiveness of their efforts. In this session, Marketing leaders share the knowledge they’ve gained from navigating a new space, addressing a new audience, as well as their take on what works and what doesn’t.

Yoav Tzuker
Ada Jonuse
Alex Cohen
Managing Director
Lisa Akselrod
Best Practices: Facilitating the Growth of a Community

Nurturing product and protocol communities comes with its intricacies. This workshop brings together experts who have successfully made community an integral part of their product and growth strategies. Expect to walk away from this session understanding the importance of transparency and community involvement in product development, the benefits of having a strong community, and how to incentivize community members.

Jessica Salama
Eliana Drescher
Head of Community
Isabella de Brito
Community Strategist
Alexa Rivetti
Community Builder
The Future of NFTs: Building Real World Use Cases

The NFT space underwent a period of explosive growth, but beyond the hype, what are some sustainable long-term use cases that companies have built? Join our panelists as they discuss the true potential of the technology, its real world use cases in Gaming, the Metaverse, and more. Expect to walk away from the session with an understanding of how to create new business models and revenue streams with NFTs.

Salick Cogan
Group Manager
Manuel Alzuru
Raz Friedman
Idan Zuckerman
Yogev Shelly
Co-Founder & CEO
To DAO or not to DAO: Building governance in web3

Governance structures are unique and different for every organization, and building an effective one is challenging. In this session, we hear from experienced leaders who will share insights and best practices on how to design a governance structure that serves your organization, what failed, what worked, and methodologies to approach governance. Expect to walk away from the session with practical applications on how to view governance, an understanding of the political theories that can be applied to web3 startups, and the intricacies of incentivizing community participation.

Theo Beutel
DAO Coordination Lead
Igneus Terrenus
Public Liaison
Isla Munro
Nicolas Biagosch
Account Abstraction and the future of custody

The topic of Account Abstraction(AA) seem to have reached critical momentum in web3. The promises range from solving security to creating web2-like experiences. Account Abstractions also breaks up the dichotomy between self-custody and third-party custodial solutions, allowing for a new spectrum of hybrid custody solutions to be unleashed. In this sessions we will talk about the basics of Account Abstraction, show some tangible examples and may include some announcement / sneak peaks from product releases, too.

Eylon Aviv
Principal, Labs
Lukas Schor
Itamar Lesuisse
Co-Founder & CEO
Yoav Weiss
Hacker & Security Researcher
Mark Smargon
Web3 Marketing: A Handbook for the Next Internet Revolution

Web3 marketing tactics are constantly evolving. Most marketers from web2 don't understand how web3 works, and understanding web3 is the first step toward being able to use it. Web3 marketing IS about using the capabilities of web3 to drive growth. In this Session Amanda will talk about building a web3 marketing funnel, understanding product and audience, and web3 marketing fundamentals and how they differ from web2 (with an emphasis on building community),‍

Amanda Cassatt
Co-Founder & CEO